Mailchimp Youth Ministry Mailing

It took me a while to get to grips with Mailchimp (an e-mail ‘marketing’ and distribution management programme) but now I’m really liking it. The first of the monthly youth ministry mailings went out yesterday … if you would like to sign up to it then you can do that here.
ym mail.jpg
Mailchimp handles the sign up which is great, and lets me know information about when/how it is read which is useful (I’m really chuffed that the mailing has an ‘opened rate’ of 59% after less than 12 hours). I’ve also set it up to know which Parishes receive the information to build a better picture of where youth work is happening in the Diocese.

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  1. KT,
    I know the photo is 10 years old but it still makes me smile. Plus it is almost the logo of Diocese of Oxford Youth Ministry.
    Also, isn’t it lovely that neither the photo or your good self appeared to have aged at all.

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