A question of attire

I had a spam e-mail from a supplier of clergy shirts!! Most amused … is it a sign? Does spam e-mailing prove an effective marketing strategy for suppliers of clerical and liturgical wear? Would there be any sort of a check on my Reverential status before I was allowed to purchase? Many questions! This is the example given in the e-mail, I can’t really see it being me.
Untitled 12.jpg
In terms of attire though, I’ve been wearing my work trousers to work all week. By ‘work trousers’ I mean actual work ones with reinforced panels on the knees, additional loops for tools and constructed of a strong and hard-wearing fabric. The sort of trousers that you are required to wear if you are to get served at the trade counter in Jewsons.
Needless to say I really like this style of trousers (what Sheddie wouldn’t?) but it has prompted a certain amount of eyebrow raising at Church House. I think my explanation that they are practical trousers for a practical theologian is a good one!
As a jobbing ecclesiologist and a practical theologian I am embracing these work trousers as overall* a better mode of dress for me than the suggestion in the spam e-mail** Liturgically for those interested in such things … I am in the season of grey with black pockets/reinforcing panels and some yellow stitching!
Can we theologically reflect on that?
YES we can!

* pun intended
** want it on record that I avoided obvious pun about being shirty about this spam

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