Swedish Liturgy

On the retreat a reminisce about Abba turned into an attempt to write a prayer that contained song titles from the Swedish super-group.
Abba Father,
You know that Life was slipping through my fingers and that my only focus was Money Money Money, there was only room for Me and I. But thank you that you heard my S.O.S and through your grace decided not just to take a chance on me, but to lay all your love on me.That moment was like an Angel passing through my room, your Arrival made me as good as new. It turns out I have been waiting for you all along. I give my love, my life, and in return I’m in a place of knowing me, knowing you. Thank you for this liberating chance to move on..

I think that’s 13! Voulez vous un aller?


Just got my marks back for my first M.A essay and ….. *drum roll* I passed! (phew). I clearly have a WAY to go as the feedback was critical of my structure and of my grammar but nevertheless I am a citizen today of Big Grin City.
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Can Church be Missional?
“The question is an interesting one given that theologically the church is birthed in God’s missionary imperative. The church is the body of Christ, imbued by the spirit, and tasked with the continuing mission for which the Father sent Christ, and then Christ sends the church . The book of Acts records that unfolding mission, telling the story of how the redemptive work of Jesus spreads throughout the Roman Empire as the ecclesia are driven outwards; by the spirit, by obedience to the ‘great commission ,’ and by persecution”
…. and then I ramble on for a few pages, arguing that the answer is that mainstream church in its inherited mode is not ‘mission shaped’ in its ecclesiology.


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This is the week of the DEPTH retreat that my colleague and I run at the beautiful and welcoming Douai Abbey. Today is a day of lists, preparation, and assembling the ‘stuff’ that enables some useful collective retreating.
If you are coming could I remind you to bring stout (and more importantly, waterproof) footwear in case you would like to partake of a gentle wade in the Berkshire countryside!

Quelle horror

In the home of the Tribe called Macdonald we use all sorts of phrases borrowed from other languages, mainly German, but we’ll borrow anything useful and/or funny. One of the expressions we use (although I had to look up how to spell it) is, ‘c’est un désastre!’
The glorious thing is the Haddon picks up a lot of these sayings and uses them … with gusto (despite his speech difficulties) but not always with accuracy . I’m loving his interpretation of the above French phrase, I often hear him call out,

“Certain Disaster!”