Shortest Bible Commentary Ever

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I’m loving this piece of work by Ben Myers where he tweeted a summary of each book in the Bible, each with the hashtag ‘cannonfodder’. Together they make up the shortest Bible commentary ever! Here’s some examples:
James: Faith is a picture taken by the beggar at your door, not a selfie
1 Kings: So, you really want a monarchy huh? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
2 Kings: I told you so.
There’s also an interview with him here. I like his answer to the question, what interested you in theology
“I suppose I just find the Christian faith endlessly fascinating. I don’t think of the faith as an authority that requires our submission. It’s more like an imaginative world that we’re invited to participate in. And in my own life I’ve found that imaginative world to be an inexhaustible resource. Christianity gives me a language for life, a way of articulating a huge variety of human experiences: grief, joy, weariness, elation, disappointment, hope. Studying and teaching theology has given me a way of exploring all this, and of helping other people to reflect on the deeper roots of their lives. If, as Colossians says, our lives are ultimately hidden in Christ, who is hidden in God, then the deeper we delve into the mystery of God, the more we find ourselves confronted by the mystery of our own lives. I think that’s what theology is all about, and it’s why theological study can be so challenging and so life-giving at the same time”

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  1. What a wonderful concept. This could be very fruitful and fun…
    Genesis: God made the world. We messed it up. Oh, and Abraham.
    Psalms: Praising God. Shouting at God.
    Mark’s Gospel: Jesus is God. He died. He came back to life.
    John’s Gospel: In the beginning was the Word (by which I mean Jesus) who was both with God and is God and then he became human – well, it’s all a bit complicated but he died and then he came back to Life. Trust Him.
    3 Corinthians: “Dear Corinthians, I’ve written to you twice now, I don’t know how you do things in Corinth but where I come from, that’s considered rude…” No wait, that’s a different joke…
    Revelation: In the end, Jesus wins.

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