Contemplative Youth Ministry

I re-read Contemplative Youth Ministry yesterday as part of a bunch of work I am doing at the moment in the whole arena of Discipleship (a collaborative project through the Department of Mission). I was struck again by what an extraordinary piece of work it is. I can’t believe it is nine years old now, it is a vital, compelling and wise book on how to be with God, how to be with yourself, and how to be with young people (and in fact, anyone).
I find myself convinced you should read this if you find yourself in any of the categories below:
1. You are a Youth leader
2. You have a ministry of ANY kind
3. You are a Christian.

I’m going to be at a conference in May where Mark is speaking, very excited about the chance to be in conversation with him.

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  1. Gavin,
    I couldn’t believe how much time had elapsed either, unreal. It is still the book that frames so much of my work AND encourages/challenges me so much.
    Good to have a look at your site Gavin, I really like the logo of the “Christ LIKE” material.

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