Youth Work Summit

Bookings are now open for the Youth Work Summit! (I thought you should know).
This is a really significant event and a really great format that they use. Sadly I cannot make it this year BUT if you can get yourself up to Manchester for May 17th then you should.
Unlimited free coffee plus Youth workers!!!! what could possibly go wrong?

You’ve got an ology!

Phase Green is complete! My next Essay will be entitled “The medium is the message – how true is this for ecclesiology?” Fun, eh. Working on Phase: Yellow (although my particular area of expertise is far better represented by the Orange sector.)
But one step closer to the moment where I’m in a church and can dramatically say, “Ok, nobody panic, clear the chancel …. I am a qualified anesthesiologist ecclesiologist!”
Very open to musings from the blogosphere (that might help), or words that would amuse you if they found their way into the essay (which won’t!)

Youth group Collective

I had an e-mail asking me* to link to the “Youth Group Collective” so I am!
(It’s a resource and idea site, in its early days but looks fun and useful)
Not that I say Yes to all the requests I receive, which may be a mistake as the Million pounds a nice gentleman from Nigeria wants me to have could really drive some youth projects and initiatives

Skeletal Oneness

One off my offspring wanted a Onesie for Christmas … and was duly delighted with the proffered present, a glow in the dark Skeleton onesie no less. This is Christmas day in the grounds of Tintern Abbey. It makes me smile 🙂
As a Brummie, The Abbey itself always makes me smile (or at least the sign), as in:
Brummie 1: Yam seen that Abbey
Brummie 2: Tintern Abbey!
Brummie 1 ar, tis, sez so on the sign
(If you’ve never encountered the Brummie accent then this will not work, just give up trying to decipher it)