The weekend on Male Spirituality

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It was a great weekend with a great bunch of blokes (not unlike a Youth Weekend but with more snoring) with all the key ingredients such as curry, a good walk, malarkey …. and a good deal of honesty and vulnerability in exploring ‘Male Spirituality’
Bill Bailey provided a helpful intro to the whole topic of, What it means to be a man:

We went on to explore ‘Male; identity, spirituality and discipleship’ in four sessions:
The need for male spirituality ‘The Soul disconnect’
Reclaiming male spirituality ‘Jesus the Man’
Practicing Male Spirituality ‘Trackers of God’
Initiating Male Spirituality ‘Fathers in the Faith’

A Powerpoint ‘handout’ is here if any of the men on the weekend want a reminder of roughly where we went during the three days: Mens Weekend spirituality Handous.pdf
The nub of the whole weekend was about becoming more alive, being male and being spiritual. It was a critique of rationalized faith that too often came down to an external, systematic and potentially ‘self effort’ faith. It was a dip into spiritual practice and ancient wisdom to look at the “manhole cover” that so often partially seals the unconscious self from the outer self …. and to ask how we become whole, and connected with ourselves and God …. and what this looks like in the context of being male. As well as talking, we spent some time doing ‘spiritual practice’ exploring Scripture using ‘Lectio Divina’ as well as using silence, prayer, worship …. and being more in the moment. It was not ‘rocket science’ (that’s official as we had a rocket scientist on the weekend) but a chance to look with fresh eyes at what being a growing disciple might look like in the context of male identity and spirituality.
I was asked for a list of some of the books that were key. In order(ish) of influence (aside from the Bible) these are the ones I can remember:
Adams Return by Richard Rohr
Breathing Underwater by Richard Rohr
Running over Rocks by Ian Adams
Silence and Honey Cakes by Rowan Williams
Into the Silent Land by Martin Laird
Barefoot Discipleship by Stephen Cherry
A Book of Sparks by Shaun Lambert
A Million Miles in a Thousand years by Donald Miller
Contemplative Youth Ministry by Mark Yaconelli
Immortal Diamond by Richard Rohr
A Generous Orthodoxy by Brian McLaren
Messy Spirituality by Mike Yaconelli
Cave Refectory Road by Ian Adams
Urban Worrier by Nick Thorpe

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