Speaking gigs

I’m busy musing, praying and scribbling at the moment as I have two weekend speaking gigs looming. The first is a weekend on the Isle of Wight, which is a male only gathering. The sessions for this are looking like:
The need for male spirituality ‘The Soul disconnect’
Reclaiming male spirituality ‘Jesus the Man’
Practicing Male Spirituality ‘Trackers of God’
Initiating Male Spirituality ‘Fathers in the Faith’

The following weekend I am speaking for the UK Gathering of FUSION YAC, somehwere in the Cotswolds. This is more of an all-age community gathering and I’m just waiting on my final brief, but it’s looking like something around their shared value of,
Giving all
Finding Life
Bringing Hope

I’m really chuffed to be working with Fusion YAC as they have done such great work with groups of churches in the Diocese, as well as across the UK and beyond.
I had to write a brief ‘speaker bio’ for the programme. This took ages as I found it really difficult to write something pithy, useful … and that couldn’t be read as having smug overtones (stuff always sounds more impressive in print that it actually is, e.g Christmas newsletters). Not sure I nailed it and wish I’d left it to them to see what they would have written *laughing*

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