A pocket guide to the changing seasons

As the contrasting beauty and damp dreariness of autumn rolls inexorably towards the dark cold deadness of winter, I am cheered enormously by one aspect of this … the resultant coat wearing. Coats mean pockets. Pockets are brilliant!
So Yay for the two seasons of the year where I have sufficient reading material, gadgets, notebooks and pens about my person at all times, and all without the need to be encumbered by luggage.
Just saying.
PS. ‘Luggage’ is a fantastic word (say it a couple of times, go on, You see what I mean?)

Eat, act, pray

Loving this from the Christian Aid Collective, in their words:
“The vision
We believe that amazing things happen when people sit down and eat together. Taking our lead from Jesus, we want to build a community of people that get together to eat, act and pray”

On a related theme, I had the pleasure of visiting a ‘Home Group’ on Wednesday night. The material they were working through was supplied by the church but concern was expressed that there was so much material that the business of eating together was in danger of not being taken seriously enough! Thoroughly enjoyed the meal, Bible study and prayer.

Plagiarism conundrum

Kings College have a natty piece of software that can find plagiarism like some html sensitive omni-present sniffer dog. All well and good. Supposing though I use some thoughts in an essay that I have written already in the blog. Citing oneself would be somewhat pretentious (moi?) but the software otherwise will find the phraseology online and bark (a lot) meaning that I will be in trouble for plagiarising (myself).
(They didn’t cover this possibility in the “using sources” seminar)