Fusion YAC

I had a great weekend being the ‘speaker’ for the FUSION YAC Uk conference. I really love these guys and the work they are doing enabling churches to engage with community. It was a blessing to spend time with this bunch of Godly Christian activists and to be in conversation around mission, spirituality and discipleship.
The weekend was also a celebration of their 10 years in England (Fusion YaC started in Australia) and so even more fun to be spending time with them at the conference as I met with them in the early days …… when I was very much a rookie Youth Adviser.
Since then they’ve worked in various places around the UK (most notably in the “More than Gold” Olympics projects) but have also been deeply committed to their work in Oxfordshire and I have been so impressed with what they have enabled.
If you’ve not come across their work then I highly recommend looking at “Open Crowd Festivals” and the like, AND especially how they see/enable team …. and the need to link approaches and activities together. Churches can fall into the mistake of just grabbing an event as a model because it has worked elsewhere …. these are not models to be grabbed, there are though, approaches, wisdom, learned experience and understanding that can bring churches together in practical mission, engagement and blessing.

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