Youthwork Implementation and Policy Toolkit

The Children’s Society have produced this rather useful toolkit and made it available to the Church of England. Here’s a bit more details in their own words:
“This Toolkit has been designed by The Children’s Society Youth Development Project of the Diocese of London to help churches develop and implement their youth work and ministry. It is a collection of sample forms, guidance, sample policies and example documents which promote best practice in youth work.
How to use the Toolkit
The Toolkit has been divided into easy to use sections: ‘Starting out’ is concerned with setting up and managing a new youth activity. ‘Sample guidance documents’ are a collection of various documents which cover the main aspects of youth work practice and procedure in the church. ‘Youth worker recruitment and employment’ contains all the elements required to budget for, advertise, recruit and employ a youth worker. ‘Volunteers’ addresses the recruitment and support of volunteer youth workers. ‘Youth club resources’ is a collection of useful forms and templates to assist with the day-to-day running of a youth club”

LEAPS n BOUNDS: Youth Toolkit

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