Virtual Location Descriptors

In the “Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy” Douglas Adams explores the problems that time travel creates for finding the appropriate verb construction. For example the “Future Semiconditionally Modified Subinverted Subjunctive Intentional” to deal with the complexities created, such as “how to describe something that was about to happen to you in the past before you avoided it by time-jumping forward two days in order to avoid it. The event will be described differently according to whether you are talking about it from the standpoint of your own natural time, from a time in the further future, or a time in the further past”
I was musing on this as I was trying to explain my presence at a Kings College Webinar (an interactive seminar that happens on line) last night.
“I went to a webinar last night” Well, No, I didn’t go anywhere!
“I was at a webinar last night” er, no. I was in my kitchen
“A webinar came to me” again, no. It was hosted at Kings
Ok, got it: “I remotely particpated in an online webinar last night!”
By the way, some advice if you’ve never read the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. Read it NOW All five parts of this deeply brilliant trilogy (as described by Adams) …. although stlightly controversially I don’t recognise #5 as canonical, more apocryphal.

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