The role of youth work in formal education

Report from the NYA that looks at the benefits of schools working with youth workers, some really encouraging and validating stuff here. May be helpful too in articulating the benefits that an intentional informal educative approach can bring alongside the formalised targets and structures.
“We believe that youth work has a key role to play in helping promote young people’s personal and social development. We know this makes a difference to their formal education. Research and representations that we have received show that good youth work can help improve attendance and behaviour, promote achievement and improve home and community links. Youth work is a skilled profession which helps young people learn about themselves, others and society through non-formal educational activities. It is based on a clear set of values and underpinned by the voluntary nature of
the relationship between the young person and the youth worker. Youth workers understand how to build relationships and are effective in bridging the gap between formal and non-formal education.
During the course of our inquiry, the extent of collaboration between youth work and formal education came as a welcome surprise. This was particularly evident amongst forward-thinking academies, who recognise their role in the wider community and have developed partnerships to provide a much more holistic package of support for their pupils”

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