Happy Birthday Charlie

Charlie van Bus is 22 years old this week … well it’s 22 years since Charlie was first registered (as a White delivery van) although it was a number of weeks earlier that it rolled out of the Deutsche Volkswagen Werk, oh and then a few years later that Bilbos added more windows, took a can opener to the roof and generally camperized it.
new wheels july 13280.jpg
The second-hand VW Passatt wheels roll really well (and look nice) whilst the added gear stick extender makes for a more chilled driving posture. The only other mod’ is adding USB charging capabilities for the back seat passengers.
Birthday treats will include an oil change and adding a little more Waxoyl into the internal cavities. More work to do next spring but he’s in pretty good condition to head into the Winter I think. Always a sad moment though when the Winter chrysalis has to go on and hibernation is induced.

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