A number of questions

christian bits.gif
I have an e-mail that is from ‘Christian Bits’ and I’m guessing that it is one of those computer generated ones based on previous purchases and a whizzy (or in this case, not so) algorythmn. It targets me (although spelling my name with a capital D, grrr) with the tantalising prospect of:
1. New Spurgeon
2. Inflatable Elephants
3. Vinyard UK

What!!!! Some questions arise?
Slightly mistified how an inflatable elephant is a product that comes within the genre of Christian Bits, more amused though as to what I have done to trigger the suggestion that this is the sort of things that I am in the market for?
‘New Spurgeon’ might be of interest but as he has been dead since 1892 I’m not sure that it will be as new as all that.
Nothing against Vinyard (UK, or anywhere) but I’m not sure it’s what I listen to?
Thank you to Christian Bits for making me smile though. Dissapointingly though when I tried to purchase a Christian Inflatable Elephant it turned out to be a book and the ‘Inflatable Elephant’ was just a trunkated (pun intended) title.

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