Teen Movies

Our family ‘staycation’ allowed space for some great family film nights (Laptop plus data projector, oh yes!) and there were a couple of films from my teens (and before) that I thought should really be viewed!
ferisbueller.jpgFirst up was Ferris Buellers Day Off
After some initial resistance to watching a film from “way back” in the 80’s!!! my teens thoroughly enjoyed it and Haddon was still laughing half an hour after the film finished. I was pleased to find it held up well and was just a great film regardless of ‘how old’
This led my daughter to say that Mean Girls was the Ferris film for her generation so we duly watched that. Good to see a teen movie that I’d missed. More of a girls film I guess, but then I guess “Ferris” is more of a guys film.
Inspired by a re-look at Teen movies, I dug out The Breakfast Club and although I was the only one watching this, it was fab. Not least for the soundtrack. The 80’s man, I was there!
Last up in the kind of teen genre for our Family Films was Grease, which the offspring had not seen. I was thoroughly looking forward to this having not seen it since 1978.
However it was *Awkward*
I found the film really disturbing! Seeing actors in theirs 20’s and 30’s playing teenagers in the context of ‘coming of age’ stuff with all the sexual politics, was creepy and deeply uncomfortable (for me). Haddon enjoyed it … but 35 years after the event in the changed landscape of today, *shudder* just wrong!

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