No e-mail

We’ve had an issue with e-mails off and on for a few days now but the rubber band has finally snapped completely … and electronic mail is not leaving or arriving.
Not a huge problem in the grand scale of things but such is our reliance on it, it has rather fouled things up. Everything from yesterday that I sent has apparently not gone, whilst nothing has made it to my Outlook since yesterday afternoon.
Attempts to garner final numbers for the Network Meeting on Tuesday are proving impossible. If you are coming then please give me a call on 01865 208 257. Thanks 🙂

Contemporary Ecclesiology

It’s official, I’ve been accepted onto the M.A at Kings!
I had a lovely shiny letter that stated that I was being given an ‘unconditional offer’… this brief phrase made me extremely happy. I’m sure the phrase is only a standard formality but it is an incredibly healing eight syllables for me. Back in the day my grades were a gulf away from even a conditional offer; furthermore ‘Oxford Polytechnic’ rejected me three times in one week …and all for the same course! (Computer glitch I think rather than a particularly vindictive Admissions Secretary).
Back then I moved onto the ‘University of Life’ (although probably the ‘Polytechnic of Life’ in my case) but now I are a proper student *grinning inanely*
This concise summary of academic writing has reassured me.
Let the learning begin


Very excited about this storytelling workshop I am going to next week ….
Featherless Storytelling Creatures, A storytelling workshop with Geoff Mead
“Geoff will teach you the basics and tell a story or two himself. It’s said that there’s a tribe somewhere whose name for human being, literally translated, is “featherless storytelling creature.” Stories are in our bones and – with a few tips and a wee bit of practice – you’ll soon be telling them confidently”

Milton Jones

It was great to hear a bit of Milton’s Stand Up at Greenbelt, but actually even more enjoyable was the frank interview he gave afterwards about his own experiences and views on faith, of the church, and the religious landscape.
even more concise 10 second sermons.jpgWhat he had to say was very much connected with his two books, 10 Second Sermons and Even more Concise 10 Second Sermons. Both of these books are genuinely funny but also profound. In the brief stanzas you’ll find christian religiosity and ‘churchianity’ mocked, theology made plain, and also a liberating sort of apologetic.
Some examples:
“If Christianity is just about changing your culture and language, I might as well become a Norwegian”
“God’s creation is a bit like him – inexplicably clever, outrageously excessive and a bit weird. Too many of us Christians just manage the “a bit weird|” part”
“When Church is boring it’s either my fault or it’s not real church”
“Q: Should christian artists just produce Christian art?
A: Should bakers who are Christians just produce hot cross buns?”
“The ten commandments are not so much the safety instructions before take-off, but more like the scientific conditions required for flight itself!”

Mens Weekend

I’m “the Speaker” on a forthcoming Mens’ Weekend!!
Any ‘do’s’ ‘don’ts’ or cheesy horror stories would be appreciated

What makes a Mens’ weekend worthwhile?

(e-mail or comment but remember comments need 2 stage action, press “preview” and then when it changes “publish”)

Neither fool nor savage

“A young man who can’t cry is a savage
An old man who can’t laugh is a fool”

Spotted this quote on a T Shirt waiting for a Yoga Workshop at Greenbelt (I kid you not) but being new to this Yoga lark wasn’t sure of the etiquette of pre-workout conversations … therefore I just photographed the stanza being sported. The quote reference in the picture says The Centre for Action and Contemplation, I’m not sure who is actually being quoted though, the print below this is too small.
Captains Log Supplemental: I should add too that I enjoyed the Yoga and it was more accessible than I had thought. A numeric report follows:
Fits of giggles: 2
Number of times I had not a clue what was going on: 1
Number of times realising that I am not very flexible: 27
As I had not planned on being at a Yoga session whilst at Greenbelt I had not packed gym type wear trackies, only jeans and work shorts! Always willing to improvise though I invented Yoga Pyjama Bottoms!!

Hooray for the NHS

I’ll spare you the details but I’ve been curiously and painfully unwell during the last week and it was all (and sounding quite British here) a little unsettling. I seem to be on the mend now but I am so grateful for the Health Service being there … and for the fact that I didn’t have to worry about how much it might cost at any stage.
Two emergency Doctors appointments, a blood test, some medicine and a forthcoming scan. Hugely appreciated.
One funny thing though was bumping into a former member of the youth group in the Dr’s Surgery waiting room. I guess we both felt the etiquette was not to question the other on “What’s wrong with you?”
So oblivious to the fact that either of us was well, we chatted. The surgery was running half an hour behind so it was a goodly long chat all the while avoiding the issue(s) at hand.
Normally as a youth worker I prefer to be dialoguing honestly about the ‘really real’ and I’m surprised at myself that I didn’t share/ask. Hey Ho, will put it down to an attack of Britsihness and muse on what I might do differently next time.