It’s less than 4 weeks until a bunch of us attempt the Yorkshire three peaks and the excitement is more or less perfectly counter-balanced by the nervousness. 24 miles in 12 hours (climbing and descending a total of 1600m) will be, by far and away, the most I have EVER walked … or more accurately, attempted.
Had a great training stroll on Saturday though over the chain of the Malverns, a sort of there and back over 9 of the hills from North Hill and on past British Camp. Only 12 miles but some good hill training nevertheless. (A bit depressing to think when we got back to the car though, “My goodness that would only have been HALF WAY!”)

malvernsstomp 2013.jpg
If you’ve never been to the Malverns then they are well worth a visit. It’s not going to compete with the Dales or the Lakes in anyway but there is something wonderful nevertheless about a 9 mile chain of hills that rises so completely out of broadly flat countryside. The highest peak is only 425m but the views are wonderful, whilst the path leading from one summit to another along the 14 hills is easy to follow and hugely enjoyable. (Also conveniently descending at two points to cross roads giving access to emergency Ice Cream provision).
In case it’s of interest I also tried using walking poles for the first time and am definitely sold on their advantage for climbs and descents. I found them too faffy on the level but they are easily stowed in the redundant ice axe holder on the Rusksack then, so it’s all good)