It’s all Svensk to me

I’m off to Sweden next week to be looking at some joint work on Confirmation with the Dioceses of Vaxjo, and to visit two of their Confirmation Camps. All very exciting, and I’m taking a youth worker from the Diocese with me which should be fun.
Sorting this all out has been a little complex especially being utterly thwarted by a Swedish automated switchboard system where I couldn’t understand a thing and thus was unsure whether I was listening to “The number you have called doesn’t exist AND NEVER WILL” or “For sympathetic help in English press #” My lack of Swedish is frustrating indeed.
Further complexity ensued yesterday when I tried to buy our train tickets from Copenhagen to Vaxjo. The site was available in English, yeah! but the Swedish names still needed their correct Swedish spelling necessitating in this case an ä and an ö. This should of been simple but the Dell laptop has no ‘Numb Lk’ so I couldn’t use the ALT codes (132 and 148) and the online booking system didn’t allow ‘insert symbol!’ I ended up on Google translate trying to remember German words which contained umlaut ‘o’ and ‘a’ so I could copy and paste the letter I needed, doh! Now have the tickets even if it does mean hanging around Copenhagen Airport for three hours on the way home (Copenhagen Airport is SO expensive for everything it makes London feel like Poundland by comparison).
Hoping to blog but may be defeated by Swedish Wifi Instructions

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  1. Years ago, our home PC had a keyboard mapping problem which meant we couldn’t type the £ symbol. My short term work-around was to send myself an email from work with some ££s which I could cut and paste. Fortunately my employer didn’t notice I was sending company money to my house.

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