Confirmation Camp 2

The confirmation camp I visited in the East of Sweden was smaller, only 24 young people and a much more relaxed affair. The feel and practice of the camp was much more democratic with young people much more partners in the camp rather than the recipients. The leaders, co-journeyers and not a hierarchy.
Those values and that openness made it much easier to spend time with the young people which was so much fun. Their English was very good and they also coached me in my attempts at bits of Swedish; many laughs and great sharing of stories.
The two week camp was exploring the Bible and also using a Henri Nouwen book (can’t find it in English but it was a book where each page was a few lines of Nouwens spiritual observations and challenge) and the young people would read and discuss in groups.
I liked the slightly monastic feel with a relaxed rhythm of prayer, work, learning … and deep regard for community. I was sad to leave in fact.
swedish Burn ball.jpg
(We also had an epic game of ‘Swedish burn ball’ if I understood the name correctly and will definitely be bringing this really accessible rounders/baseball hybrid back for some fun in England)

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