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Urban Saints have put together an interesting Internship project called LEVEL-UP that offers a wide range of experience, opportunity and training. (A serious amount of money to find though).
Musing more generally:
There is an absolute explosion of internship opportunities and I’d be very interested to see what percentage are filled (Might see press-gangs operating for various agencies in the resource area at Soul Survivor at this rate). With youth unemployment such an issue then internships could be a great opportunity, I am concerned that some though (and they are rare but dangerous) are keener on the free labour dimension than on the experience and training dimension. Where they work well though what a great opportunity for growth, discipleship, learning AND young people helping to shape the organisation they are serving with.
I was wondering about compiling a list of internships but I can’t see how I’d even start to do justice to the opportunities.
Has the phrase “Gap Year” been confined to the recycling bin now?

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  1. When I planned my gap year (1994) there was the Short Term Service Directory which was awesome. There must be some website that does the same job somewhere. If not, do you think it could be a commercial success?

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