Olive Conversion

I had a couple of meetings at CYM ( the knights who were until recently called the ‘Centre for Youth Ministry’*) and so ended up having lunch with the students, always an interesting/fun thing (They are an awesome bunch).
One of them was musing about Olives and postulated a theory that maybe everyone at some stage has an ‘Olive conversion’, that is … they go from not liking them to liking them.
There was not universal acceptance of this thereom but it then turned into a quasi theological reflection as we strayed into the whole topic of conversion, but very much still on the topic of Olives. The conversation ruminated on those who stumbled onto Olives having not known of their existence (or their need for them) before, and a very middle class experience of never knowing a time when their weren’t Olives!
I’m really hoping someone develops a journal out of the conversation!!!
(With 156 verses in the Bible mentioning Olives, the potential is huge methinks)

* No longer CYM but now iCYM or maybe ICYm or even IC ym!, but technically now called the “Institute for Children, Youth and Mission”

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