Fitting a car below the Kayak

First attempt to carry the Kayak on the new car this weekend, it’s a smaller car than the Astra … but hopefully not producing this effect:
Not related at all BUT reminded me of a story from back in the day. At the wonderful Crusader camp “Stoke Fleming” there was a tradition of the activities for the day being advertised so that the teens’ knew what was available to sign up for. The ‘adverts’ tended to become more and more visual, creative and funny as the week progressed. I have a very fond memory of one of these promotional endeavours.
Picture if you will everyone munching away on their cereal in the Marquee when there is the sound of a car engine and the honking of a horn. A Ford Fiesta is driven into the Marquee to promote the kayaking trip that day. How so? Well the car had two kayaks strapped to the roof with kayakists in, kitted out with helmets, buoyancy aids and spray decks … in fact the full gear, with paddles. Then, whilst being sprayed with the hose (that was used to fill the urns), they delivered a challenge to join them on the water that day!
Now that’s what I call doing the notices!

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