That was the weekend that was

Woosh went the weekend.
The weekend was a fantastic illustration of how fast the weather changes in the UK. On Saturday morning I was riding across a snowscape, albeit a melting one, on the common …. and did in fact take a big tumble on an icy section. The rest of the day though saw warmer temperatures and then rain and so on Sunday morning no snow anywhere other than the occasional remnant of only the previously large snowmen.
Great time with friends, church and family. Oh and I’ve been lent a pair of Skis for my trip. They are Super GS ones that are going to track and turn like a rocket on rails. (Picture if you will Harry Potter receiving the Thunderbolt stick to replace the Nimbus, awe and fear, that kind of thing!)
A weekend that wooshed by for all the right reasons. No youthwork as such but got the chance to chat to several teenagers over the two days, all children of friends, which was great.
And so to Monday ….. bring it on! Final preparations for leading the DEPTH retreat from tomorrow, staff meeting on Thursday and the first of our big Mission Departments events, “Good News for Young People” on Friday
But more importantly, how are you?

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