Greenhouses, Gardens and Fields

Thoroughly enjoyed the DEPTH retreat at Douai Abbey in the company of a wonderful gathering of Youth and/or Children’s Ministers. Laughter, prayer, worship, stillness, sharing and food (really lovely food).
We encouraged people to engage with Marks gospel whilst they were there and also gave everyone a copy of Shaun Lamberts book “A Book of Sparks” as a help to engaging with the book of Mark and with spiritual growth.
We also spent time corporately looking at our growth and spiritual life as ministers using greenhouses, gardens and fields as a metaphor for the different places we might struggle to grow and where we might flourish. This gave rise to some really helpful discussion around the church being a bit of a greenhouse environment with a pressure for things to look really good. Conversly the field (where we have to take ourselves out to) was untidier and messier but ultimately produced stronger roots.
Playing with this metaphor through the day culminated in “Gardners question time” An event where questions from the [studio] audience were put to our two guest ‘gardeners,’ a Director of Ordinands and a Spiritual Director.
Feel thoroughly blessed to have been part of the retreat.

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