Nativity 2

Got to see Nativity 2 (Danger in the Manger) last night and thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful piece of Christmassy fun. Part Pantomine, part Ealing Comedy and very much a Christmas film it was built successfully around the character of Mr Poppy, allowing fully reign for his glorious childlike capacity for wonder, fun …… and all that therefore ensues. The film was in part ad-libbed and the resultant interplay between the Children, David Tennant and Marc Wootton is so much fun.
The sets for the choirs and competition were fantastic and must have absorbed all the budget as the special effects were on a level with a 1950 Godzilla film. Not that this detracted from what was a laugh-out-loud, sentimental, glorious and very British piece of Christmas cinematography. Loved it!

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