Professional Formation Group

I start tutoring a new Professional Formation Group for CYM (Centre for Youth MInistry) this morning. Really looking forward to a new group of first years to journey with.
At the last session of my previous group I asked them to write a letter to the new students reflecting on their experience … and offering some advice and encouragement to those who were now where they had been two years previously. They will get those letters during the session which should be fun.
Looking forward to a great morning of exploring, faith, practice, learning … and the Jedi art of ‘Informal Education’
CAPTAINS LOG SUPPLEMENTAL: All went well and the students decided that the group was not at all like what they were expecting! (I am, I think, taking this as a good thing).

Dr Who Moment

This is me enjoying the wise counsel of Peter Ball (a previous incarnation of the Oxford Diocesan Youth Adviser, but more latterly the national adviser). Ben sent me the photo and entitled it, “A Dr Who Moment!” Funnily enough, the previous Oxford Youth Adviser was in town today too, we could have had a picture of three generations of “The Dr” *laughing*
a drwhomoment.jpg

Still Unapologetic

I’m still loving and still reading this fabulous book that is a critique of new atheism, a kind of defence of Christianity … and at the same time a spot-on critique of some of the things that Christianity has become. Thought provoking stuff (and a thoroughly good read).
I was loving one section last night in which Spufford rails against an inconsistent view that reality is complete in science, and indeed, is science. He writes,
“The world believes that it has science on its side. Indeed, by an act of oblivious metaphorical digestion it tends to believe that it is science; it thinks what it sees around it is the bare, disenchanted, unmediated, uncoloured truth delivered by the scientific method. Look no gods! Also no fairies, no unicorns, no griffins, no leprachauns. A quick census of the local fauna confirms it: case solved. But this perceptual world isn’t science. It is a cultural influence of science, specific to the last two centuries in Europe and North America.
He argues that this view “barely touches on the what the world is like apart from us” and goes on to say (and this is the paragraph I loved),

“It doesn’t acknowledge the radical strangeness of quantum mechanics, down in Reality’s basement; it doesn’t engage with the perturbing immensity of cosmology, up in the attic; it doesn’t admit the extraordinary temporariness of even the familiar things we think we posses securely on our middle floor of the universe. It treats us living creatures as the securely-tenured lords of all we survey, rather than the brief ripples of information we actually amount to”

New Phone

I have not joined the i cult, I’ve instead opted for the ‘S3′ as my geek gizmo for the next two years. First impressions are great and all works well, fast and VERY cleverly. It looks the business although I’m still a little undecided about the tablet-esque size.
The tech’ is great though. One little thing that really impressed me was a moment at the weekend. I was in a shop and although I’d found what I was looking for, it was rather overpriced. A voice search bought up the object in a second giving two lower price point options, “online” or “nearby!” Clicking on “nearby” directed me to a shop the other side of the road that was selling said object 40% cheaper. Brilliant!
The one loss has been that contacts can’t be sync’d with Facebook pics/info in the way that HTC could. Anyone found a way to do it?