New Phone

I have not joined the i cult, I’ve instead opted for the ‘S3′ as my geek gizmo for the next two years. First impressions are great and all works well, fast and VERY cleverly. It looks the business although I’m still a little undecided about the tablet-esque size.
The tech’ is great though. One little thing that really impressed me was a moment at the weekend. I was in a shop and although I’d found what I was looking for, it was rather overpriced. A voice search bought up the object in a second giving two lower price point options, “online” or “nearby!” Clicking on “nearby” directed me to a shop the other side of the road that was selling said object 40% cheaper. Brilliant!
The one loss has been that contacts can’t be sync’d with Facebook pics/info in the way that HTC could. Anyone found a way to do it?

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