Let the week beginneth

I’ll be glad to see the back of October as it has witnessed the perfect (financial) storm as three elements combined; the van, my teeth and the dog all needed fixing. Arrghghghhgh!
Happily though the van chuggeth, the dog moveth (although she still limpeth slightly) and I biteth. So all good really. (Archaiac verb endings are great …… methnks!).
I’ve been to three youth groups in four days, great fun! One of the young people I was chatting to on Thursday is off to China today, on a school trip!!! I think we went on a farm visit and a forest walk during my school days. Very impressed though, what an adventure!!
The main reason for me doing a grand tour (apart from it being fun) has been to plug the ID Weekend. I was telling them that one of the things I love about teenagers is their high level of spontaneity BUT one of the nightmares about trying to organise events was, their “high level of spontaneity!”
A good weekend though which involved some great family time (we watched Mirror Mirror for ‘family film night’) and was also the right mix of working and mellowing. I did quite a bit of work on the vehicles and the sheddage. (Apologies if there is a faint smell of creosote wherever I am today).
Monday: Bring it on!

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