A P0303 fault!

Having had to fix the teeth, the van and the dog this month I was glad to make it to pay day. Immediately thereafter though, the dishwasher died, then my car started displaying the engine warning light which is situated naggingly and clearly, right in the middle of the display panel. (Can’t be ignored by turning the radio up)
SNLPG Astra.jpg
But the interesting thing is (Well, well I say interesting, that may just be to me?) how clever even 8 year old cars are, especially seeing as cars are just built around a long sequence of messy but controlled explosions. So here’s the thing: It’s all very well having a fault light but it would be helpful to know whether it is of ‘imminent destruction’ type severity or just that the pollen filter is struggling. So, on a Vauxhall if you push down the accelerator and brake down (and hold them down) then turn ignition to position i, then click to ii, the fault light flashes out a code indicating what is wrong. I got 10 flashes, then 3, then 10 then 3, a PO303*, which (apparently) translates as,
“I’m misfiring on cylinder 3 …… h e l p m e!”
Maybe this could be a great metaphor for some current ecclesiology ……..
actually, not really!
* There are some really great way more geeky faults, current fav’ is a PO443

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