The need for a challenge

There are two marathon runners in my department here at Church House whilst the lady in the office below has just completed an ‘Iron Man’ race in a very credible time indeed. I’m feeling the pressure here in that the Youth Adviser ought to be the one, I feel, doing crazy stuff akin to this. Whilst I’m not going to rush into attempting to row the Atlantic in a shower cubicle or doing Lands End to John o’ Groats on a pogo stick, a challenge would be fun.
Any suggestions that don’t involve a high certainty of death are welcome.
Pleasingly too, I am back to ‘fighting’ fitness after an epic Summer of kayaking, hiking and cycling. I’m also over a stone lighter having ditched carbs and processed food. (lol, every time I wrote carbs, the checker changed it to ‘crabs’ which I have neither ditched or embraced). But then again I’m 45 … and not the unstoppable 30 year old my brain likes to delude me into believing I am).
So, what to do, what to do?
(14.82 maybe a tall order to beat, but maybe this kind of thing!)

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  1. I’ve got a friend who rowed the Atlantic… she was in a boat tho… her stories are epic but would be über funky if she’d faced down an oil tanker in a shower cubicle!! I think you could recreate a classic photo by cycling LEGOG on a folding bike carrying a standard lamp… or on a folding stool duct taped to a skateboard carting a newspaper (and umbrella… or is that my memory deceiving me?).

  2. These are all excellent ideas, thank you and made me smile. Etape sounds tough but rewarding and the descent terrifying.
    Really love the idea of doing LEJOG but not sure if I can get the time off I’d need.

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