German continues to be the unofficial second language of our household; an impressively growing vocabulary used with more enthusiasm than grammar. My daughter has now completely eclipsed me which is so exciting …. although I still have the edge on obscure (and hence not very useful) words.
I’m still listening to Antenne Bayern, however my latest attempt to grasp the language involves classic Radio Plays. I have the BBC “Paul Temple and the Lawrence Affair” in its wonderful clipped ‘received speech’ English delivery. Importantly though I also have a German rendering of the same series. The speed of delivery is quite daunting but I’m gradually getting there. I’m tending to absorb the esoteric words better than the readily applicable dialogue (typical!).
Last week though, I was very chuffed when a German caravanner (randomly) stopped to ask me for directions. Try as I might I could not work the word for ‘escarpment’ and ‘very steep slope’ into my helpful advice. To have done so would have completely vindicated the vocab’ I was absorbing from the play *laughing*!
One day I will preach in German, oh yes!
bestimmt eine lernkurve, vielleicht die meisten steilhang

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