New Appointment: Training and Support

The first of the monthly meetings that I’m hosting for those new to role, happened yesterday. Was it a success I hear you ask? …. Well, it kind of depends on your evaluative criteria. In terms of learning, encouragement and engagement, it was a fabulous success. If we are looking at crude ‘bums on seats’ type monitoring, then …. er, no. Only one person turned up. Doh! But with a little yeast mighty oaks can grow from mustard seeds (as it were) and I’m confident that the ‘product’ is good and the need is there.
Next gathering is October 10th and I’m looking for at least 300% growth. Applications can be scribbled on the back of an old bus ticket and sent to me at church house. Thank you

Update ….

Veteran Youth Worker Ian Macdonald has now succumbed to one of the hallmarks of middle-age and is therefore equipped with a pair of reading glasses. This state of affairs has been reluctantly accepted given that there is no way of making his arms longer instead.
Rumours of a gold chain so they can be worn around the neck however are untrue, very untrue!

Piracy or borrowing without permission

playtrackmusic.jpgAlthough the “Bruce Willis Suing Apple over iTune track ownership” turns out to be untrue, it has highlighted the fact that you do not own digital tracks you have bought. Musing about this on the way to work this morning I reckoned therefore that you are in fact renting the tracks, not buying them.
This being the case, I wondered where this left the whole ‘piracy’ and thus ‘theft’ rhetoric? How can you have stolen something when it is in fact not in your possession, i.e you have not taken ownership. Could I move that we introduce the lesser crime (logically following on from non-ownership) of borrowing without permission. Sanctions could then be either saying sorry and returning the track in an undamaged condition or duly paying the rent that is due!
Just wondering!

Showing and Telling

Showing and Telling: A St Laurence Conference
slrwhereican be me.jpg
St Lawrence Reading have pioneered a missional church among young people for the last ten years and on the 24th and 25th January are opening their doors to share their learning, journey and experience with others. In their own words, come along “If you feel the weight of the growing chasm between church and young people!”
They further explain,
“Now into its tenth year, St Laurence Reading is in a unique position within the Church of England: a Fresh Expression with double digit years behind it, plenty of momentum and a sense that things are going from strength to strength. Up until now we have kept our heads down and avoided touting what we do as a model for others. But over recent months we have been made increasingly aware of something: that we might have a responsibility to share what we have been given, not to start a franchise, but to offer a model, a host of lessons and practical encouragement for others who are called to a similar path. We want to do all we can to initiate and support any who want to embark on this journey”
Details are here: Showing & Telling Brochure Text.doc and here: showing and telling.pdf

Bible Study .. the Swedish way

I’m liking this approach to Bible Study for young people (and hence it would work well for adults) that Ali Campbell has adapted from various sources including “Let’s do theology” by Laurie Green. He was happy for me to post it here, all credit to him.
You’ll be able to download the full sheet and guide here: the_swedish_method_of_bible_study.pdf

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Leaving with Honesty and Grace

The Slant I had the privilege of contributing to,on leaving Ministry with Honesty and Grace, is up, over at the wonderful Slant33 site. I wanted to flag it up because of the wisdom that YOU as contributed via the comments … and to say thank you to Iban, who not only made me laugh but gave me the quote to frame my scribblings around.