Network Meeting

Thoroughly enjoyed the gathering together yesterday of employed Youth Ministers in the Diocese. Numbers were low (sadly) … this could have been that Thursday was a bad day for folk to leave their parishes or it could have been that I’d publicized that the CPD element of the day would be on ‘Health and Safety’ and this didn’t sound fun.
(Feedback appreciated so I can ensure that the day is best placed to encourage, support and develop the greatest number).
It did prove to be a very worthwhile time though with everyone gleaning some learning as well as valuable reminders as we explored Good Practice, Policy and Law. Some of the most fruitful discussion was around the ‘grey’ areas where there is no one right answer. It was fun to work through a planning scenario and work towards a well owned, thought through and implemented approach.
(Interestingly, so often when things go wrong it is the simple failure to do basic things that lead to the problem/incident)
The debate on coach vs Minibus was fun ….. could I propose a compromise:
The next gathering of the Network is the retreat at Doaui Abbey (29th-30th Jan) and information will be out at Half Term.
Note also there is a monthly get together of those new in post and the next of these is in Oxford on October 10th
(Oh and three of us are going to Youthwork the Conference for the Saturday, there’s one more space in the car if you would like to join this Crraaazzy (yet deeply spiritual) Road Trip.)

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