Licensed Lay Ministers day

I had the great privilege on Saturday of working for the day with a group of LLMs (Licensed Lay Ministers) as we looked together at Youth Ministry. We had a great day and I thoroughly enjoyed myself on the journey we took together looking at theology, ecclesiology, mission, culture, adolescence and ministry practice. Much coffee,thinking, laughter and discussion.
I promised that I’d upload some links and will attempt to do that in case anyone tunes into blogville to harvest some of the links, ideas, thinking … and humour.
The single biggest request was, where do you get the “Show and Tell” ball? There are a number of different ones but this is the specific one we played with. (There is also a pack of cards that does the same job albeit with less throwing and catching).
I know the group were also keen to have a link to Eddie Izzards thoughtful critique of Anglican Hymnody.
Some of the authors/commentators we looked at were:
kenda Creasy Dean
Mark Yaconelli
Phil Rankin
The two key reports we looked at were Soul Searching (where we got MTD from) and Sticky Faith, oh we also looked at Going for Growth (the call to be good news for young people).
We also talked about adolescence involving change and growth in the spheres of
Social Physical Intellectual Cultural Emotional and Spiritual.
The Powerpoint slides are here: LLM training day Handout.pdf
I’ve deleted most of the slides we didn’t get a chance to look at but kept this one looking at aspects of engagement we need to take seriously if we are to ‘do’ discipleship with young people:
The elements being:
Mission (‘doing’)
Spiritual Practice
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