An Ex tractor fan

Being the seasons of ‘mists and mellow fruitfulness’ (particularly the latter) the number of tractors on the highways and byways of the Diocese is particularly high. Journeys at the moment often enjoy a few miles of restricted speed in the company of a line of cars before a tractor finally peels off into a field, a farm or the Co-op.
I was amused yesterday though to be stuck behind a convoy of tractors! Ok there were only two but nevertheless a convoy in my mind. After a couple of miles of twisting road a straight section opened up and the opportunity to overtake all of the journey-time-restricting farm machinery in front. I was however thwarted, cruelly thwarted! Tractor 2 clearly felt that Tractor 1 was a little slower than the superior capabilities of his own engine. Thus the one overtaking opportunity was taken by the tractors swapping position.
I’m used to the dual carriageway phenomena whereby a Lorry doing 59.55 mph is needed to be overtaken by the ‘faster’ lorry who wants to use their full 59.60 mph capability even if the overtaking manoeuvre takes a couple of miles; Tractors on a single carriageway though was a surprise.
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