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  1. Definitely a conversation worth having!
    One thought that I’ve been ruminating on is even creating a working definition of adulthood. Most definitions either have to do with milestones (age, finishing school, marriage, etc.) or independence (financially, living on your own, etc.). Yet neither milestones nor independence seem to be very good descriptors of who actually is an adult and who isn’t. I’m particularly leery of making independence the ultimate goal as it seems to be a very modern, western way of thinking about adulthood.

  2. Corey,
    agree about there needing to be some definition of what we meaan. There also needs to be some definite rite of passage/celebration.
    We also need to be clear about what it is we are modelling about being the adult you’ve become.
    Totally agree that independence iss not a great measure. Interestingly, a few years back the definition of youth work changed ‘from dependence to independence’ to ‘from dependence to interdependence’

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