Network Meeting

Thoroughly enjoyed the gathering together yesterday of employed Youth Ministers in the Diocese. Numbers were low (sadly) … this could have been that Thursday was a bad day for folk to leave their parishes or it could have been that I’d publicized that the CPD element of the day would be on ‘Health and Safety’ and this didn’t sound fun.
(Feedback appreciated so I can ensure that the day is best placed to encourage, support and develop the greatest number).
It did prove to be a very worthwhile time though with everyone gleaning some learning as well as valuable reminders as we explored Good Practice, Policy and Law. Some of the most fruitful discussion was around the ‘grey’ areas where there is no one right answer. It was fun to work through a planning scenario and work towards a well owned, thought through and implemented approach.
(Interestingly, so often when things go wrong it is the simple failure to do basic things that lead to the problem/incident)
The debate on coach vs Minibus was fun ….. could I propose a compromise:
The next gathering of the Network is the retreat at Doaui Abbey (29th-30th Jan) and information will be out at Half Term.
Note also there is a monthly get together of those new in post and the next of these is in Oxford on October 10th
(Oh and three of us are going to Youthwork the Conference for the Saturday, there’s one more space in the car if you would like to join this Crraaazzy (yet deeply spiritual) Road Trip.)

The Cult of Apple

Making me laugh, thanks Chris

Back to reality though and the actual iphone 5, selling 5million units in 3 days!!! Samsung though have done a rather nifty job of mocking both the ‘cult’ and the tech. Enjoy this advert for the S3:

C/net compare the two though and in their view the iphone has the edge, but only just and I wonder whether better available deals actually make the S3 the more attractive option?
But are Nokia also back into play?

The need for a challenge

There are two marathon runners in my department here at Church House whilst the lady in the office below has just completed an ‘Iron Man’ race in a very credible time indeed. I’m feeling the pressure here in that the Youth Adviser ought to be the one, I feel, doing crazy stuff akin to this. Whilst I’m not going to rush into attempting to row the Atlantic in a shower cubicle or doing Lands End to John o’ Groats on a pogo stick, a challenge would be fun.
Any suggestions that don’t involve a high certainty of death are welcome.
Pleasingly too, I am back to ‘fighting’ fitness after an epic Summer of kayaking, hiking and cycling. I’m also over a stone lighter having ditched carbs and processed food. (lol, every time I wrote carbs, the checker changed it to ‘crabs’ which I have neither ditched or embraced). But then again I’m 45 … and not the unstoppable 30 year old my brain likes to delude me into believing I am).
So, what to do, what to do?
(14.82 maybe a tall order to beat, but maybe this kind of thing!)


I’m really liking the stuff that Christian Aid and Tearfund are doing in terms of connecting young people with Justice issues and with action.
Rythmns is an app’ that’s all about following Jesus and taking Action, the page also has some useful Youth Leadery stuff too
‘Do not Tiptoe‘ is a great mag’ for activisits of 16 and above and is part of a whole web approach around a community, the Christian Aid Collective

Network Gathering

Looking forward to the getting together this Thursday of employed Youth Ministers in the Diocese. Sumptuous lunch duly ordered, coffee requested. See you there!
If you have not booked in then cut and paste this handy response below, then e-mail me:
Ian, in a inexplicable case of administrative oversight due to ___________________ (insert reason) I forgot to book in to the Network Meeting. Although the piece of paper with the details is somewhere in my office/car/church/pocket can you please remind me of the timings and venue for our gathering.
I am a herbivore, carnivore, omnivore (delete as not applicable).
Thanks, ____________________________ (your name)