Charlie van Bus

Charlie has enjoyed some small upgrades and additions which I knew you’d want to know about *laughing* so here’s the low down:
wheelchair rack.jpgA Cycle rack on the back. This is the proper Fiamma one and is the ‘wasps nipples’ but like so many things I buy it is not primarily being used for that it was designed for. The reason I bought it is it makes a fantastic wheelchair carrier, each back wheel slotting into one of the two cycle wheel channels, fab!
Very importantly we managed to get an Isle of Wight Sticker for the picnic chest, bizarrely the Isle is the same shape as Belguim (who knew?) and so we have two stickers the same shape!
The most important addition though is the solar powered sunflower that dances on the dashboard and exudes happiness, wackiness and well-being. Loving it!
dancing sunflower.jpg