Carpeing the Diem

Just had a fabulous week off and a most enjoyable ‘staycation’ which involved much kayaking, walking, cycling and generally being mellow. Highlights also included a trip to the cinema to see the ‘Bourne Legacy’ which is, imho, FANTASTIC! This weekend did see me away when H and I went down to Beaulieu to the annual T4 and T5 Forum gathering. Ok, slightly geeky but what’s not to love; 300 Campers and their wonderful owners camped for the weekend exchanging stories, sharing technical tips and generally having fun. Unlimited access to the Motor Museum kept H very happy indeed. As far as I can tell we had the oldest van there (1991) but the Forum are fab and there’s no snobbery about the vans at all. Loved this stealth black van which I think is a Syncro (4 wheel drive).
stealth t4.jpg
On the back window you can see the logo of the event (yes, I have the T shirt) which had a cowboy theme. Next year is Piratical in it’s theme. I need to work out how to get a mast onto the van as we were hopelessly outclassed in the fancy dress competition this year.
Aware that summer is coming into land now though but I’ve still got a half day which’ll allow me to launch the kayak out through the waves at Studland. There’s also GREENBELT, yay! Looking forward to that enormously and especially seeing the great Mr Bruce Cockburn play.
I the meantime, back at the desk! How can I help?


I was musing this morning about words from other languages that encapsulate a spiritual truth better than the word or phrase as it would be rendered in English. This not only kept my mind busy on the journey into work but struck me as a rather useful series of talks for the Ski Trip next year. But as ever I may need some help with this one and would love some more suggestions.
So far, I have
> Sehnsucht (German): A sense of unfulfilled longing or yearning
> Shalom (Hebrew): A holistic peace that affects more than self and is a completeness
> Ubuntu (Bantu): “I am because we are” Self being in the sense of, and contribution to community
> Acedia (Latin): A spiritual malaise or lethargy
I need at least another four …………

Youth work training during Internship

mission possiblecym.jpg
If you are a Church offering a youth work internship then here is some great training you can buy into so that your intern gets the most use, experience and learning out of their time with you, and you get a developing practitioner.
If you are going to do an internship with a Church, then I suggest leaning (nicely) on them to put you through this course as part of their commitment to you and your future.
Flyer and details: internship flyer.pdf

Soul survivor

Every blessing to all those setting out for Soul Survivor tomorrow, hope that the catering, missing permission forms and errant tent poles all come together in time for the off.
I’ll be down on Friday (providing Soul Survivor let me on site) and look forward to catching up with you, buying you coffee …… lending you a dry T shirt!