Greenbelt Festival 2012

Once a decade there tends to be a Greenbelt where a storm of epic proportions rages through the festival bestowing relentless mud, wetness and chaos; leading to a shared camaraderie akin to that of a wartime bomber crew. And 2012 was exactly that …. but no less brilliant a festival as a result (although sadly some people had to abandon as their tents were destroyed, washed away or became a swimming pool where all their kit was unhappily floating or sinking).
I was volunteering in the Performance Cafe this year and thoroughly enjoyed that. It’s a great venue that allies a smallish staged venue (with a great stage and sound) and the wonderful folk of ‘Nuts’ vegetarian food. I therefore enjoyed the vibe, the food and some GREAT music. The atmosphere was even more fun on the Saturday when it became a refuge from the elements and we managed to keep going despite being in a sea of mire, and having two separate ‘rivers’ flowing through the venue … as well as (and I kid you not) our own waterfall.
Highlights for me this year were hearing Mr Bruce Cockburn twice (the Big Top gig was sublime as he was on top top form and only the die hard fans had crossed the mudscape to get there so it was a very intimate gig). The Sunday morning communion was great … oh and the quirkily anarchic country folk of Folk On were brilliant and hilarious in equal measure. Also finally got to see “The Artist” which I really enjoyed.
I didn’t make it to any ‘talks’ this year (as I was too busy either talking or working) so will need to catch up via MP3 on the input and discussion.
Managed to wade into ‘The Jesus Arms’ (Ale tent) and thoroughly enjoyed a pint of ‘Bad Christian!’ Also made it onto the GB website (fame for THE hat) thanks to this photo by the lovely Andy Stonehouse.
Next year will be the 40 year special titled “Life Begins!” …. I’ll see you there!

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