Today is the day when I finally get the last of the stuff tidied away from the ‘Yellow Braces’ Camp! (I’m telling you this to keep me accountable … and also in the hope that it will prevent my colleagues lynching me for turning our communal office into a jumble sale).
I still have quite a bit of lost property to deal with, although the tea towels may have to be binned before we get raided by the Environmental Health people.
Residentials are great! The aftermath however is a tougher proposition. It’s also worse knowing that if I don’t do the work NOW in sorting it out I shall kick myself next time I need it.
If anyone is after me today, leave me a message. I shall probably be in the loft
Captains Log Supplemental: All gear stowed back in loft. Only two items of lost property remaining are two tone pink rain jacket and blue body warmer.

Van Diesel back in a starring role

Finally managed to get the Bumper off of Charlie van Bus (The Manual gives incorrect instructions and the pins did not need to be removed, and indeed couldn’t be until the Bumper was actually off, doh!). Have battled with the evil forces of Oxidisation and refitted the bumper and front wheel arch trims. Yay! I also sprayed Waxoyl around like it was going out of fashion.
Managed to negotiate £30 off my insurance renewal (Yay) but then we discovered that I’d gone 540 miles over my 5000 mile annual mileage restriction in the previous 12 months. I therefore had to pay a £30 surcharge (Doh!).
On the road though and ready for all the adventures that can be had at 64mph with tea stops aplenty, bring it on!
VCarches complete.jpg

Olympic Torch

torcpic.jpgIt’s Olympic torch day today in my home town of Newbury and there seems to be a fair degree of excitement, even more so as the day is dry and sunny?
There is a fair amount of frustration too from two of my children. Their school has been Olympic mad all this year and has been promoting the significance of the event in all sorts of ways BUT has refused to allow pupils to go and see the Torch. My daughter is incredulous that the school can be so pro the Olympics but then not allow any degree of participation (even when the procession is on the door step). I think a fair number of pupils are just not turning up at school today and I’m very curious as to how many of them this will be.
STOP PRESS: School have relented and are letting pupils go

Live Update

Message reads:
The Manual suggests that the front bumper on a T4 can be removed simply by undoing the two retaining bolts behind the number plate then knocking the two retaining pins on each side of the bumper out. My evening under the front of the van battling with the retaining pins suggests otherwise and Charlie still has a front bumper (albeit no number plate).
I am now scratching my head, not just in befuddlement but also because there is a lot of dust and rust that has fallen into my hair.

Tom Ensom fundraising for Adonai Orphanage

Tom has been the worship leader at Yellow Braces for the last few years and is a much loved member of the team. He is, in a madly but wonderful way, going to cycle from Lands End to John o’ Groats in 11 days to raise money for an Orphanage in Africa.
The video he put together about the orphanage and the fundraiser is below (It is well worth a watch especially as it is quirky, moving, funny and rather cleverly done)

I’m posting it here as I know a number of Yellow Bracites were keen to add to the £35 we raised at camp towards the project. The page for donations is here

That was Yellow Braces 2012

The Diocesan Camp was AWESOME regardless of the amount of rain (lots) and the inevitably of getting mired in the quag at every turn. (In fact quagmire was too minimal a word to fully express the nature, prevalence and intensity of mud, so the teens came up with ‘quagsmosh’ to try and better express the geoimmersive experience).
I’ll write more over the next few days BUT couldn’t even let a morning go by without expressing my profound thanks to the team, and to the young people. Thank you!
We did manage to play an epic “Water Balloon Volleyball” tournament though with some of the most accomplished match play I have ever seen. This was followed by the even greater visual spectacle of a mimed tennis match; this was hilarious …. and actually really exciting to watch.
YB12 WBvol.jpg
YB mimetennis.jpg
I shall write more over the next few days as there was some great stuff that the team came up with that may be useful to other camps to borrow and adapt
Again thank you to everyone for putting the YB into Gniyllub and the Gniyllub into YB. It’s a weekend that will live long in my memory.
YB12 Gnillub.jpg