Isle of Wight

I had meant to close down the blog for the summer but the entry detailing this crashed then disappeared, it’s whereabouts now only known by the myriad of Googlebots who are busy hoarding these things. I thought therefore a brief explanation of my absence may be in order. I have been overseas!
Ok, it was only the Isle of Wight BUT it does involve a ferry journey and it also involves time travel …. given that the Isle of Wight feels like stepping back thirty years (in the best possible sense). Fantastic family holiday camping over on the far side of the Island near Bembridge, and especially enjoying Whitcliff Bay where we spent every morning enjoying sea, sun and sand. The Island is incredibly beautiful and a very restful place to be, it really is a top place to holiday.
Special Yay to the deeply wonderful “Tuppenny Beach Cafe” which seemed to encapsulate everything a beach cafe should be; fun, quirky, welcoming and affordable. The food was great (we loved the homemade cakes), it sold everything you might need at the beach, and it was a fun place to hang out.
Special Boo to Southern Vectis Buses who charged us £8.75 for a sub 2 mile journey and then because they didn’t do returns, the same to get back again. It was too hilly and hot to walk that distance with the wheelchair so £17.50 in total it was, a price that would make a London Cabby blush.
(Above) Photo of Godshill taken with my phone!
Back on the mainland now though, manning the desk and the byways of the Diocese!

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