Today is the day when I finally get the last of the stuff tidied away from the ‘Yellow Braces’ Camp! (I’m telling you this to keep me accountable … and also in the hope that it will prevent my colleagues lynching me for turning our communal office into a jumble sale).
I still have quite a bit of lost property to deal with, although the tea towels may have to be binned before we get raided by the Environmental Health people.
Residentials are great! The aftermath however is a tougher proposition. It’s also worse knowing that if I don’t do the work NOW in sorting it out I shall kick myself next time I need it.
If anyone is after me today, leave me a message. I shall probably be in the loft
Captains Log Supplemental: All gear stowed back in loft. Only two items of lost property remaining are two tone pink rain jacket and blue body warmer.

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