Young People are Rubbish

Fantastic article from Suzanne Moore slamming the governmental and societal attitude to young people.
“The reality is that we are all in it together. I mean in a “sharing the bathroom” way not in the “big society” way that Rowan Williams rightly called “aspirational waffle”. Cameron’s fantasy is one of wealth, multiple dwellings and harmonious families. The reality is piling pressure on the vulnerable and writing off a generation”

Multi generational ministry

There is definitely something ‘in the wind’ with churches talking more about a whole church approach to work with young people, an idea of cross generational ministry. This is really exciting but I think it’s going to need some VERY intentional enabling, thinking, practice and a willingness on the part of congregations to change.
Any interesting experiments out there?

The Armies of Gummi Bears

I often get into work quite early. As well as being really productive, it also means I can enjoy German radio whilst I work; good old Antenne Bayern (which I discovered back in the day in Germany). Recently there has been a German track that has been getting a lot of air play (unusual in itself as most of the German Playlist is English music) that I have been struggling to understand. I knew it was about Gummi Bears but I just couldn’t get a handle on what it was saying.
I managed to track it down though, Herbert Grönemeyer singing “KINDER AN DIE MACHT”
It turns out to be a kind of anti-war song focussed on putting the children in charge. Check out the translation though:
( *laughing* no wonder I couldn’t get it )
“Armies of gummy bears
tanks made of marzipan
wars are eaten up
a simple plan
childishly brilliant
There’s no good,
there’s no bad/evil
There’s no black,
there’s no white
There are gaps in teeth
rather than repression
There’s strawberry ice cream for life
always good for a surprise
Give the children the command
they don’t calculate what they’re doing
the world belongs in the hands of children
an end to gloom
We’re being laughed to smithereens
Power to the children!
They are the true anarchists
and love chaos,
clean up
know no rights,
no duties/obligations
unbowed strength,
fierce pride”

Back to my German book, I still haven’t finished it (19 years and 9 months late now)
Did discover thought that German for “lyrics” is, “songtext” …. cool, nicht wahr?

Archbishop’s Youth Day

A few years back I had the privilege of taking a great bunch of young people to join with others from around the country to be guests of ++Rowan at Lambeth. An awesome day with much fun, thought, prayer and laughter. I will never forget sitting on the floor with a whole bunch of teens and ++Rowan, chatting and eating pizza.
I also loved the moment that in the midst of larking about someone wanted to take a photo of The Archbish’ and myself, to which he responded by making me sit in the big chair.
I was reminded of this as I was tagged by one of the teens from that trip (now a Youth Minister herself) in a post about a recent day that Lambeth had run along similar lines.
Reading the account, I loved the address that ++Rowan gave (as reported here) and his distillation of the issues that mean it’s thought mad that you are involved with the church:

“Why is it that other people think you’re weird if you’re involved in the church?” We boiled down the answer to three things: science, sex and common sense”

Treated and blinged

One down three to go but looking good. Check out the lovely black plastic looking (actually coated metal) wheel arch trim. VW T4 coolness!
I’m thinking a spot of lowering now and some 17″ alloys could improve the look by filling out the rather empty wheel arch! Not going to happen though. Am instead on the look for some second 16″ steelies with good tyres on as a cheap way of re-shoeing Charlie.