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Interaction on the blog has been somewhat low of late and I feel today could be the day to beef up the participation! So, I’m setting a task:
Your job today is to post your favourite overheard comment from the conversations that have happened around you! I’ll also be tuning in to the world around me to capture some out of context profundity or hilarity!
Tessa very much inspired this when she posted that she’d overheard (in Oxford) the line, “Isn’t it, like, synoptic?”

4 Replies to “Phrase of the day”

  1. I have two! One from a randomer and the other from a student of mine:
    1. Its like his doorbell don’t work innit?
    2. No! My taiper will live in mole holes stupid!

  2. I didn’t overhear this myself so is probably apocryphal but I seem to remember it being reported in a “letter to the editor” in the Times in the 1990’s. The correspondence was about what makes an intellectual and the correspondent recalled walking down a street in Oxford or Cambridge and approaching the path of two academics having an intellectual discussion as they a walked along – one clearly trying to persuade the other of the merit of his view, the correspondent passed them by and just overhear one phrase as as the one continued his argument by saying “…and nineteenthly…”

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