Pedagogy and Informal Education

“Youth Work doesn’t happen just because you are a Youth Worker!”
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It was great to spend some time with the first years at CYM Oxford yesterday and be part of a series of lectures on pedagogy. Always fun to be exploring the practice of informal education and play a little with learning styles and modalities.
The power point is here: Pedagogy and Informal Ed.pdf
The Key texts were Informal Education and Learning Styles but it is also worth noting the website which is dedicated to the art and practice of informal education (stonkingly useful site for essay research). The Honey and Mumford learning styles are a helpful tool too and you’ll find a useful free self-test here.
Next Week we are looking at:

  • The set assignment
  • Curriculum & Planning
  • (Informal Education spectrum from Conversation based to ‘Set Curriculum’)
  • Earthing our previous learning in practice
  • Some group work tools relating to informal education

“Fostering learning in life as it is lived!”

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  1. Thanks David,
    scary flashback to my school days there with the much applied and memorable phrase “Must try harder”
    Although not as discouraging as being told “You haven’t got a snowballs chance in hell of passing physics!”

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