Phrase of the day

Interaction on the blog has been somewhat low of late and I feel today could be the day to beef up the participation! So, I’m setting a task:
Your job today is to post your favourite overheard comment from the conversations that have happened around you! I’ll also be tuning in to the world around me to capture some out of context profundity or hilarity!
Tessa very much inspired this when she posted that she’d overheard (in Oxford) the line, “Isn’t it, like, synoptic?”

Informal Education

Am doing a bunch of stuff at CYM (centre for Youth Ministry) tomorrow for the first year students on ‘Informal Education.’ Maybe not so much a lecture as a ‘live blogging’ event methinks.
I’ve done a couple of lectures at Ruskin over the years but this is the first CYM gig, any advice appreciated …..

Happy Crimbo

Just checked the calender to see if some aberration in the Space Time Continuum had cast us back to April 1st. Apparently not … BUT that does mean that the news that today the government will be announcing new policy on ‘anti social behaviour’ and replacing the ASBO with the “Crimbo” is not a joke!! Teresa May will be announcing (apparently) the launch of the Criminal Behaviour Order.
If this turns out to be true then tomorrow it will be impossible methinks to buy a newspaper that doesn’t carry the headline “Happy Crimbo!”
For none UK readers, ‘Crimbo’ here in Blighty is slang for Christmas
CAPTAINS LOG SUPPLEMENTAL: The narrative seems to have changed to an “Injunction” so someone must have had a DOH! moment and we now have a CRIMBI

Reading Speed

Had a bash at this as Jo always says I am a fast reader and I wanted to see if this was backed up by the clock. Not sure how accurate it is but in summary it reckons if I maintained the 556 words per minute that I did in the test then I could read ‘War and Peace’ in 17 hours!

ereader test
Source: Staples eReader Department

A good week for the hills

From Tuesday to Thursday last week I was at the annual gathering of Diocesan Youth Advisers, the venue this year being a shade north of Nottingham (and no, not Swanwick). This meant that there was no way I was coming home without first taking in the Derbyshire Dales. Within an hour of saying goodbye to colleagues I was donning walking boots in the incredibly beautiful setting of Dovedale and preparing to acquire as much height as possible in the limited time available. A jaunt up Thorpe Cloud proved just the tonic with a fabulous view across and beyond the stunningly green valley. Only on the path on the way back to the car park did I think to take a photo but worth seeing nevertheless. (The picture was snapped just after the famous ‘stepping stones’ where I watched a number of tourists cross in a manner that suggested this involved life-threatening levels of peril).
Clearly you can never have too many hills though and following the trustees meeting on Saturday at Woolhope Cockshoot, I headed over to British Camp in the Malverns to enjoy a circuitous route that culminated (other than descending back to the car park) on Herefordshire Beacon. As I didn’t start walking until nearly 6pm the hills were largely devoid of day-trippers and lycra-flaunters, this quietness blended with the lateness and the residual mistiness, created a ‘holy stillness’ that was utterly enchanting. I was amused to find a QR code riveted to the top step on the Beacon which pointed you to the relevant tourist page on t’interweb … but other than that all of modern life remained firmly back in the valley.
Anyway, Monday calls in a week disappointingly devoid of hillage!

Go Away

Had to scribble a piece for “The Door,” the Diocesan Newspaper. I used the opportunity to encourage people to take their groups on a residential. It’s here IF you wanted to use it or part of it for something!
” As Diocesan Youth Adviser I get asked a huge variety of questions about all aspects of work with young people. There are a goodly number of these that can be answered with the simple phrase, “Go away!” …..

Revive: The Big Idea

Find out more about this project that has come out of the Church of England Youth Council! In addition, You can sign up to the Monthly mailing from CEYC here.
PS I have a pile of the postcards if you want to grab some off me as I trawl the length and breadth of the good Diocese of Oxford (and beyond).