Informal Education 2

“Escape the Circus and live beyond the limits of the imaginary lid”
Really enjoyed the opportunity to do the part 2 of my lectures in thee Pedagog series, again looking at Informal Education and Learning.
informal ed 2 banner.jpg
Feeling old because only two of the students had seen “Dead Poets Society” but the clip from there and from “School of Rock” produced some lively debate …. as well as leading to me being described by one student as the “Jack Black of Informal Education” *laughing*
The handouts are here if any year one Oxford CYM pedagogs tune in to collect them:
Informal Education 2.pdf
Todays lecture was brought to you by the word “Intentional” and the phrase, “Fostering learning in life as it is lived” *(p7 Informal Education Jeffs and Smith)

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