Happy Crimbo

Just checked the calender to see if some aberration in the Space Time Continuum had cast us back to April 1st. Apparently not … BUT that does mean that the news that today the government will be announcing new policy on ‘anti social behaviour’ and replacing the ASBO with the “Crimbo” is not a joke!! Teresa May will be announcing (apparently) the launch of the Criminal Behaviour Order.
If this turns out to be true then tomorrow it will be impossible methinks to buy a newspaper that doesn’t carry the headline “Happy Crimbo!”
For none UK readers, ‘Crimbo’ here in Blighty is slang for Christmas
CAPTAINS LOG SUPPLEMENTAL: The narrative seems to have changed to an “Injunction” so someone must have had a DOH! moment and we now have a CRIMBI

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  1. Well, I received a Christmas card last Tuesday, along with some other mail dated Dec 11. I suspect the post room found them down the back of the sofa. It’s all fitting together.

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